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Novel chemical free wood pulp cellulose production

Updated : December 2020


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Traditional cellulose fibre production involves chemical treatment using harmful solvents which pose a problem to the environment and workers.

Spinnova, a Finland based firm has developed an innovative technology to convert wood pulp into textiles without the use of chemicals. The new technology uses a mechanical process to convert wood pulp into microfibrillated cellulose which is then converted to textile fibres.

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  1. Novel chemical free wood pulp cellulose production




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Highlights and sustainability benefits

The technology requires only 1% water as the cellulose is sourced from trees which do not need irrigation, thus having an advantage over cotton. Chemical free process has a positive environmental and social impact. Once used, Spinnova’s waste textile materials can easily be upcycled into new textiles rather than the traditional process of making insulation materials. The company also plans to use other agricultural waste sources in future.


The company has won the Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas Award in the experimental category for creating fibre from cellulose.

About the Work

The patented technology uses microfibrillated cellulose, a paste-like material consisting of tiny fibres made of FSC certified wood. It is then flown through a nozzle to make a strong fibre network. This fibre is spun into a fluffy, firm wool like material, which can be converted into textiles. The process generates only water as a by-product which is reused in the process.

About the Innovator

Spinnova is a Finland based firm started in 2015 by experts from the Technical Research Centre of Finland. The company’s patented technology which started as R&D in 2009 was developed into a pilot scale at the end of 2018. As of 2020, the company has successfully implemented industrial pilot scale and is looking to commercialize the technology.

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