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Innovative chemical process for polyester textile recycling

Updated : December 2020


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Moral Fiber, a Los-Angeles based firm has developed a 3-step chemical process, to separate polyester from blended waste fabrics which can be spun into new yarns. The equipment needed for this transformation can fit into a small shipping container, making it easy to deploy.

It involves molecular level treatment of textiles involving suitable chemicals to extract the polyester and make them into new yarns.

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  1. Innovative chemical process for polyester textile recycling


Moral Fiber


| United States

Year Established


Highlights and sustainability benefits

The process enables improved recycling of old textile materials which would otherwise end up in landfills or cause other processing problems due to their blended nature. The technology is currently being implemented at pilot scale at Los-Angeles. All clothing made from Moral Fibre can be infinitely recycled.


The company has received funding from large international stakeholders in the apparel value chain. It has also joined the Fashion for Good scaling program, where the company will be supported for 18 months and offered unique opportunities to connect to manufacturers, brands and investors.

About the Work

The process involves subjecting the mixed material containing cotton and polyester and extracting the polyester using chemicals at the molecular level. The leftover material is incinerated to power the pilot plant but the final box could also be powered by solar panels placed on the roof. The process requires around 45–50 amps of power at peak consumption.

About the Innovator

The company was founded by Akshay Sethi and Moby Ahmed, the founders of Ambercycle in 2015, which is now called Moral Fiber. The chemists at UC Davis University, made a breakthrough discovery that allows new garments to be made entirely from used textiles, eliminating the use of new natural resources. They initially worked on microbes and now have developed a 3-step chemical process.

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