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Artifex - state of the art on energy efficiency in the textile industry

Updated : December 2020


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Jetrun EnergoEco commissioned the HVAC equipment at Artifex, a textile manufacturing plant in Focsani, Romania. The textile production processes involved various types of activities, each activity requiring a different microclimate. The client wanted a system that provided energy efficiency and a high level of comfort for the employees, and hence a creative approach was undertaken, where a geothermal heat pump solution was implemented in the factory, creating one of the largest industrial projects that use geothermal energy in Romania.

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Non-conventional systems for heating / ventilation

Geothermal energy based textile ventilation system

Heating efficiency at textile manufacturing plant

Geothermal heat pump with multiscroll technology

Optimizing humidity recovery in geothermal heat pumps

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  1. Artifex - state of the art on energy efficiency in the textile industry


Jetrun EnergoEco


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Highlights and sustainability benefits

The heat recovery system benefits from a special treatment to ensure humidity recovery from the spent air, an extremely important function to reduce the need for additional humidification in winter. The primary energy consumption is reduced 4 times compared to a standard system.


As for increased comfort for the employees, underfloor heating and cooling was opted.

About the Work

The ventilation system is made up of 4 air handling units with rotary heat recovery system and a plate heat recovery. Given the high density of employees, it became important to ensure a consistent volume of fresh air without affecting the overall efficiency of the installation. By reducing the heat and cooling load of the ventilation system, the system reduced the difference in temperature between the introduced fresh air and the air inside the room, thus eliminating the discomfort created by conventional systems for heating / ventilation. To ensure the thermal load for heating and cooling , Jetrun delivered 4 reversible geothermal heat pumps with multiscroll technology and intelligent cascading kit.

About the Innovator

Jetrun EnergoEco is the official supplier in Romania for well known HVAC equipment manufacturers such as Wolf Heiztechnik and provides a full range of products from boilers and heat pumps to air handling units, chillers, cogeneration systems.

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