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Natasha Franck is powering a connected and circular future for fashion

Updated : December 2020


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Eon is the textile industry’s first IoT SaaS platform for digital identities — managing real time data to drive applications and analytics for billions of products across the lifecycle. After years of research to design and build this digital foundation, Eon developed and launched the CircularID™ Protocol—the global language for connected products in the circular economy. The CircularID Protocol outlines all the data that should be attached to a product, enabling it to be resold or recycled. Now, Eon is working with global brands and retailers to introduce connected products with CircularID data so they can be managed sustainably across their lifecycle.

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Circular model for fashion commerce through digital transformation

Digital identification for transparent fashion supply chains

Enabling reselling of apparel and accessories for circular fashion commerce

Digital platform for high fashion brands and retailers

Sustainable life cycle management of garments

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  1. Natasha Franck is powering a connected and circular future for fashion




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Highlights and sustainability benefits

Natasha Franck won the H&M Global Change Award, and ShopTalk and Fashion for Good for Eon.


Eon has launched the CircularID™ Protocol Pilot Version and has partnered with select global brands and retailers to launch Connected Products that are digitized in alignment with the CircularID™ Protocol.

About the Work

Eon combines the data to each product using hardware sewn into the garment, such as an RFID, NFC, or QR code. The product with the CircularID shows where products come from and where they go during their lifecycle and provides information regarding the product that enables reselling, recycling and reusing the same transparent and sustainable. The online platform where brands can access all this information in a meaningful is provided by Microsoft Azure, orchestrating the digitization in a way that enables all the participants to communicate.

About the Innovator

Founded in 2015 by Natasha Franck, Eon is powering an equitable, profitable and circular model for commerce through digital transformation. By redefining growth and opportunity, Eon enables brands and retailers to connect with customers and unlock new revenue streams from circular business models.

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