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E2Expo wishes to scale, and seeks investment support

E2Expo was launched early 2021 and has already started gaining encouraging response from key stakeholders and audience.

Our aim is to become the world's largest online promotion platform for sustainability related products, solutions and services. Currently, we offer both a promotion platform as well as focussed business intelligence on sustainability to attract relevant audiences to the platform.

This is the first version of the product, and has been developed using mainly the founders' personal funds.

As we wish to scale to a much higher level over the next 12 months - mainly in product development - we are seeking investments from seed and venture capital firms, or strategic corporate investors.

As a platform that is building a profitable business for the world's most critical sector today, E2Expo offers investors an excellent balance of investment attractiveness and satisfaction of doing good.

Those interested in knowing further on this investment opportunity can send a note to Narsimhan Santhanam (Narsi) - or contact him at +91-9841348117 (India)

If you wish to know about E2Expo in a minute from our elevator pitch, see here

You can also read the E2Expo Pitch Deck from below.

Thank you for your interest.