Organic animal husbandry - a 2017 Indian conference proceedings

Updated : October 2020


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Growing needs for sustainable practices across the fashion value chain have led to many brands focusing on organic methods to be followed wherever possible across the entire process - from farm to retail. In this regard, various technology advances are happening in the upper stream of the value chain - i.e. the plant or animal farming.

This article on the proceedings of a 2017 IFOAM Animal Husbandry Alliance conference on animal husbandry in India, shares details on how organic livestock farming could play a major role in sustainable agriculture. The objective is to identify main research and development needs for organic animal husbandry across the world.

It highlights various research studies and detailed case studies carried out for sustainable livestock farming across the globe, including organic animal fashion products production, along with their impacts on the environment, society and economics of the farmers. Some of the key areas focused include sustainable practices in feeding, animal health, livestock rearing, challenges and opportunities in organic animal husbandry, organic breeding programmes and more.

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Organic animal husbandry in fashion

Closed nutrient cycles for organic livestock farming

Sustainable feeding in organic animal farming

Biodiversified integrated natural animal farming

Organic animal fashion

Capacity building for organic livestock farmers

Organic livestock breeding for sustainable fashion

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  1. Organic animal husbandry - a 2017 Indian conference proceedings
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