Digital only clothing - a sustainable avenue for fast fashion brands

Updated : October 2020


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This article explores digital clothing as a sustainable opportunity to minimize the growing waste in this industry. It provides details on two prominent digital fashion brands and their efforts to promote this alternative fashion among the consumers.

Carlings is a Scandinavian retailer who launched its first digital clothing in 2018 and saw high demand for its product offerings. It also launched the first augmented reality T-shirt at the end of 2019. With a graphic logo as a tracking point for a smartphone, wearers could choose different designs using Spark AR technology on their phones. The company plans to launch a fully digital design process by 2021.

Another digital fashion brand is Happy99, which has launched a digital shoe in such a way that consumers engage with it and share their experience in a digital way. It uses storytelling as a model to build its consumer base.

Some of the other innovations include virtual trial rooms and their analytics to improve retail productivity. Fabricant is another leading brand operating in this space. The study concludes that digital clothing space could be a sustainable option in future for minimizing waste from physical experimental designs as well as related logistics involved, however more brands would need to engage to enhance its scalability.

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  1. Digital only clothing - a sustainable avenue for fast fashion brands
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