Textile waste management and recycling in Europe - strategic guidelines

Updated : October 2020


  • National and regional policy makers
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Textile waste management professionals

This article provides strategic guidelines to improve the textile waste management and recycling sector in the European countries to meet the Expert Network on Textile Recyling  (ENTeR) partnership's vision. The partnership comprises industry stakeholders and innovators aimed at improving reuse of textile materials. 

The guidelines are based on the analysis of current technical and regulatory scenario of participating regions (Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary) and various sustainable measures being considered. Further improvements in the related sectors suggested by experts are taken into consideration and these are expected to be implemented in the participating regions during the project phase(by end of 2020 or early 2021).

The strategic framework focuses on 5 areas - policies, waste management, R&D, communication and education. The study was carried out in two phases - preparation of research reports and gathering industry stakeholder perspectives through interviews. Based on the analysis, suitable action lines were suggested on each of the above 5 areas which are expected to develop an efficient circular economy model.

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Textile waste management

Textile recycling

Circular economy model in textiles

Textile waste recovery

Digitisation in textile value chain

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  1. Strategic guidelines for textile waste management and recycling in Europe
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