Digital textile printing - need for sustainable supply chain

Updated : October 2020


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This article shares insights from Debbie McKeegan, a leading digital textile expert on the need for supply chain sustainability to implement a sustainable digital textile printing.

It provides an overview of environmental benefits of digital textile printing and states that textile supply chain sustainability also plays a key role in determining the sustainability of digital printing solutions.

It stresses the need for sustainable raw materials other than cotton and polyester, eco-friendly chemicals and inks to ensure the true sustainability of a product including digital printing. It concludes by stating that expert advice, transparency, certifications and new skill developments would enable fashion brands implement a sustainable supply chain from raw material sourcing to digital printing.

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Supply chain sustainability for digital textile printing

Sustainable fibres for digital printing impacts

Eco friendly chemicals in textiles

Eco-friendly inks for digital textile printing

Certifications for sustainable textile supply chain

Sustainable benefits of digital fabric printing

Skill developments for textile supply chain sustainability

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  1. Digital textile printing - need for sustainable supply chain
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