Extending the life of clothes - resources from WRAP

Updated : October 2020


  • Marketing or sales professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Researchers or innovators
  • Retailers or wholesalers
  • Textile and fashion designers
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

This resource prepared by WRAP provides guidance for both fashion retailers and brands on sustainable measures to extend the life of clothes through innovative designs and production methods.

The resources include a sustainable clothing guide which is a practical guide for designers and technologists to enhance clothing durability, case studies which share the experiences from five durability clothing trials involving SCAP signatories such as F&F, George, John Lewis, Stella McCartney and Cath Kidston, and a clothing durability report to enable clothing retailers and brands to embed durability processes within their company.

The research studies show that increasing the active life of all clothing by nine months would significantly reduce the carbon,water and waste footprints of countries.

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Clothing life extension innovation


Innovative designs for clothing life extension

Practical guide for brands for clothing durability


Environmental benefits of durable clothes

Innovative technologies for durable clothes

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  1. Extending the life of clothes - resources from WRAP
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