Purchasing of long lasting clothes - a quick guide

Updated : October 2020


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This article presents a quick guide to consumers on how to make sustainable purchasing decisions and buy long lasting clothes. The guide would enable consumers as well as brands to develop more innovative solutions for the same.

Some of the key suggestions discussed are thinking about the versatility of the product and which has a long lasting purpose, rewearing clothes purchased for online outfits, comfortability of the garments, thickness of the fabric, ensuring proper stitches, nature of blend, the purchaser’s maintenance ability and more.

Key explanations for each of the above and their impact on the quality of clothes are also provided.

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Guide to quality clothes purchase

Fabric thickness for durability of clothes

Impact of fibre blends on clothing quality

Durable clothing purchase guide

Maintenance requirements for long lasting clothes

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  1. Purchasing of long lasting clothes - a quick guide
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