Circular economy model in denim manufacturing

Updated : October 2020


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The article discusses various examples of sustainable measures taken by prominent companies in the denim manufacturing sector. Key environmental and process benefits through these technologies are also provided.

Some of the sustainable measures followed include use of recycled fibres and fabrics, product source transparency, use of eco-friendly dyes, sustainable labelling, clothing recycling and more. These measures are expected to contribute to significant energy and water savings and a positive environmental impact.

For instance, recycled cotton used by an Italian denim manufacturer helps in saving over 77% water compared to conventional cotton production, 56% reduction in GHG and upto 57% energy savings.


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Circular economy in denim manufacture

Recycled fibres

Recycled fabrics

Textile product transparency

Eco-friendly textile dyes

Sustainable textile labels

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  1. Circular economy in denim manufacturing
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