Fashion retail packaging: Moving out of the box

Updated : October 2020


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Brands are facing more challenges like optimizing packaging cost, branding, creating a packaging that retains with the user, and ready to ship small packages. The article lists down creative and innovative fashion retail packaging that appeals to customers and the broader environmental sustainability shift in the fashion industry. A remarkable example of creative packaging design is Lee Cooper's takeaway bag which can be cut and folded into several board games, stationery holders, organizers, etc. H&M packaging turns into a hanger. It reflects the company's drive towards sustainability and the customer interacts more with the brand through the packaging. An innovative example is Loomia's e-textiles which adds functionalities like heat, sense, and light detection to the fabrics. In the pursuit of reducing e-commerce waste through green logistics, introduced eco-friendly returnable packaging for small to medium-sized parcels. Circular Systems uses pineapple leaves, banana trunks, and sugar cane bark to create packaging, which is scalable for mass production. As the fashion industry gravitates to using sustainable materials, Paptic is on a quest to create packaging, which combines the features of paper and plastic, incorporating high-quality print features like that of paper and packaging efficiency of plastics.

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