SeaCellTM is made from brown algae

Updated : October 2020


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Seaweed has always been linked to health and medical benefits. It's a rich source of antimicrobial nutrients and also anti-inflammatory properties. This makes seaweed an inherently healthy source for skin-friendly fibers. Recognizing the scope for this material, Nanonic Incorporated, a corporation based in Florida, realized the concept of SeaCell, where cellulose is mixed with seaweed to create a yarn. The article talks about the characteristics of sustainable fiber - two variants exist. SeaCell is made from brown algae called Ascophyllum nodossum and is made using a solvent-spinning process. One variant is unadulterated and the second variant is SeaCell Active, with silver added to it to improve its effectiveness and enhance its properties. SeaCell is breathable, light transfers nutrients from the fabric to the wearer through natural body moisture and absorbs sweat better than cotton. The fabric is being incorporated in many activewear collections. Various collections have also won awards for incorporating the material in their design functions. The fabric's breathability and recyclability characteristics make the sustainable material more applicable in children and infant clothing lines.

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  1. SeaCellTM is made from brown algae
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