This 'Vegan Wool' is made From desert plants that need no water

Updated : October 2020


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There exists a wide gap between disposable fast fashion and durable, sustainable clothing. While the future of sustainability in the fashion industry is open to debate, this article explores Weganool, a new fabric that is dubbed as "vegan wool". Developed by South Indian fabric purveyor Faborg, the wool-like fabric is made partly from desert plant Calotropis and organic cotton. The vegan wool has the properties of traditional wool but is produced completely from plant sources. The material is sustainable from production to disposal; one kilogram of Weganool saves 9,000 liters of drinking water, and the fabric is unshrinkable with every wash and is generally more durable than non-vegan fabrics. Calotropis, the desert plant from which the vegan wool is partly sourced, thrives in harsh growing conditions without human intervention, water, fertilizers, or pesticides. The growth of Calotropis also boosts rural economies through the development of a new agricultural channel. The vegan wool is being used in a children's brands 2021 collection for its debut as well, hoping to generate a ripple effect that influences other apparel companies to design collections using sustainable materials.

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Vegan wool made using desert plan and organic cotton

Vegan wool to boost rural and arid climate economies

Sustainable materials as an upcoming agricultural channel

Designer collection made using vegan wool

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  1. This 'Vegan Wool' is Made From Desert Plants That Need No Water
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