How can you use VR to make fashion more sustainable?

Updated : October 2020


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Consumer demand for “fast fashion” is putting tremendous pressure on the environment by flooding it with pollution and waste. It’s undeniable that the current garment production model is unsustainable. The article takes a look at Voor3D, a technological innovation that is reimagining the way virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can make for more environmentally-friendly fashion industry. This article explores the VR and AR adoption in the fashion industry where designs can be converted into 3D renderings and viewed from anywhere in the world. In this aspect, Voor3D is innovating a platform where consumers and designers can interact with the designs in a virtual space. Voor3D claims that through VR technology, it can greatly reduce sampling waste and eliminate the need to rent showrooms. While some designers are skeptical about whether a virtual rendering of a garment could achieve what a physical sample can. However, the style of the garment is communicated through such virtual spaces, allowing for greater interaction with buyers and consumers. Voor3D currently has two virtual “showrooms” that clients can display their 3D products in, set in traditional settings, but through the power of VR, designers could potentially show their products anywhere they can imagine.

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  1. How can you use VR to make Fashion more sustainable?
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