Water management in textile finishing industries - a European case study

Updated : October 2020


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The case study provides details on the results obtained from a project by European Commission on sustainable water use and quality in four industrial sectors - paper, food, textile and chemicals. Success stories of companies who implemented these sustainable measures and the associated water and /or cost savings are also provided.

The project AQUAFIT4USE was carried out for 4 years - Jun 2008 to Aug 2012 which saw the participation of 22 industries, 9 industrial suppliers and 13 end users across the four sectors. The objective was to develop new, reliable, cost-effective technologies and tools for sustainable water supply, use and discharge.

For textiles, the study methodology involved a detailed analysis of the existing water system and its quality in select textile finishing industries, modelling and implementation of practical solutions and validation of results. Results showed that AQUAFIT4USE would assist in sustainably managing the water consumption in various industries including textiles, in particular finishing industries through innovative and cost-effective solutions, while also ensuring the quality of water used and the processes thereof. 

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Water management in textile finishing

Textile wastewater treatment

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