Waste heat recovery in textile industry: A review

Updated : October 2020


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The textile industry is energy-intensive and it is observed that heat loss in various processes is very large. There is a lot of scope to recover waste heat energy in the textile industry as heat recovery systems require less investment and the payback period is small. This review explores various the various sources of heat recovery such as boiler blowdown recovery, condensate heat recovery, wastewater heat recovery, and cooling water recovery systems. Various payback periods, technical system changes, and operational parameters that are conducive to heat recovery are mentioned. The review also outlines a Turkish textile industry implementing Waste Heat Recovery System where economical evaluation and second law analysis are carried out for one of the plants. The review concludes that the performance of thermal systems is enhanced with a pollution reduction. From the case studies, it has been estimated that the payback period of investment for the waste heat recovery system is in between one to two years for most of the systems. Hence waste heat recovery is highly economical.

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Sources of heat recovery systems in textile industry

Economic evaluation of watse heat recivery systems

Payback period in textile heat recovery systems

Operations parameters of waste heat recovery systems

Technical systems changes in textile heat recovery systems

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  1. Waste heat recovery in textile industry: A review
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