Conservation of water resource in textile and apparel industries

Updated : October 2020


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Conservation of natural resources, mainly water savings captured the prime attention of ecological concern for manufacturing entities; especially for industries like Textile and Readymade garment industry where plenty of water is used on daily basis. Data presented in this paper is from the industries of Bangladesh and this paper reveals the importance of saving scarce water resources and shows some conservation measures for sustainable development in the textile and RMG sector. Cotton consumption is responsible for 2.6% of the global water use, and the paper presents the relationship of cotton products with the environment and the different stages of water consumption in typical cotton or synthetic mill. The paper establishes how wastewater management is a core element in cotton yarn production factories and how the best case practices have resulted in financial and water resource savings. The paper presents recommendations for industries to conduct site surveys apply the principles of 7Re's which includes good housekeeping, water reuse and recycle and automatic equipment such as automatic shut-valves, flow control valves, installing water meters or level controllers on major water-carrying lines which can be installed to rectify faults and to reduce water consumption in the production processes.

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Water consumption in textile and apparel factories

7 Re's principles in reducing waster wastage in textile production

Environment management tools for textile water efficiency

Automation technologies to increase textile water efficiency

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  1. Conservation of Water Resource in Textile and Apparel Industries
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