Wrangler sets ambitious new goal to halve its water usage by 2030

Updated : October 2020


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Wrangler®, a global jeanswear and casual apparel, today announced plans to expand the scope of its water conservation efforts with a new global sustainability goal: a 50 percent reduction in water usage by 2030. The updated goal targets the fiber production, fabric construction, and product finishing phases of the denim supply chain, which encompass more than 95 percent of the total water used throughout the production of a pair of jeans. To realize the new goal, Wrangler is collaborating with the Transformers Foundation to complete a comprehensive water balance study, which will analyze the denim industry’s water consumption by production phase. This study will address the inconsistency of water usage data in the denim supply chain globally. Wrangler will use the water intensity baseline generated from the study to calculate the water savings made from new technological innovations in the pursuit of the new water goal. In addition to its work in the finishing phase, Wrangler will align the new goal with two other existing projects critical in the denim production process: Indigood™ Foam Dyeing and water efficiency measures in cotton production.

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Water conservation efforts in denim production and finishing phase

Comprehensive water balance study for the denim supply chain

Inconsistencies of water usage in global denim supply chain

Water efficiency measures in cotton production

Water savings in innovative technologies for fabric production

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  1. Wrangler® Sets Ambitious New Goal To Halve Its Water Usage By 2030
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