Model development for industrial textile waste management

Updated : October 2020


  • EHS professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Testing and standards professionals
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Textile waste management professionals

This article provides details on a model created for the analysis of industrial textile waste flows and development of solutions for sustainable waste management. The model tested for its efficiency with standard sustainable indicators for environment, social and economic impacts was also implemented in a Lithuanian apparel production company.

The study involved a detailed analysis of annual clothing/fabric waste generation in the apparel firm, analysis of material flow using STAN (software for substance flow analysis), recommendations on suitable sustainable waste management methods and developing the model to analyze the same.

Results showed that the implemented model followed by the suggested waste management solutions led to the increase of efficient use of resources by three times and environmental impact (twice) and thus the model could be replicated in similar textile companies.

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Industrial textile waste management

Organic cotton waste

Textile recycling

Textile composting

Non-woven textiles

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  1. Developing a model for industrial textile waste management
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