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Updated : October 2020


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This paper analyzes different sustainable measures implemented by individual fashion companies in the Bangladesh and UK fashion industry, The data has been presented in the form of detailed case studies.

The objective is to enable academics develop critical and creative thinking about the current fashion system, understand the key challenges faced in implementing sustainability practices and explore opportunities for overcoming these challenges. The project has been started by Dr Lynne Hammond of the Department of Enterprise and International Development at London College of Fashion working with a team of experts on sustainable fashion, and a number of industrial and development organisations in Bangladesh.

From the paper, it is understood that the companies' sustainability efforts are focused on the key aspects - environmental, economical and social. This is carried out by working in collaborations with the workers along the value chain. 

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Fair trade in fashion

Organic cotton

Natural textile dyes

Hand-woven fabrics

Textile effluent treatment plant

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  1. Steps towards sustainable fashion in UK and Bangladesh
| Bangladesh | United Kingdom


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