Self-analysis tool for energy consumption characterization in yarn manufacturing units

Updated : October 2020


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This article elaborates on energy consumption characterization for yarn manufacturing using a self-analysis tool to decisively decrease the dispersion of the company operating data. This goal is pursued by means of an energy consumption characterization model based on,  a self-analysis software tool collecting energy consumption data in a simple and homogeneous way, clustering of the factories, and the separation of the auxiliary energy use from the production process energy consumption.

The method is applied to the textile industry with a focus on electrical consumption in yarn factories. The outcomes show a correlation with some production variables, such as the raw materials, and allow to reduce the relative errors of the energy performances of different factories from about 80% to about 25-40%.

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Energy efficiency in yarn manufacturing

Energy consumption in yarn production and finishing

Data integration for energy management

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  1. Energy Consumption Characterization based on a Self-analysis Tool
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