Design strategies for textile longevity - a toolkit development

Updated : October 2020


  • Testing and standards professionals
  • Textile and fashion designers
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

The objective of this paper is to enable designers to implement viable design strategies for longevity which could result in major savings regarding environmental impact.

Based on case studies conducted in three small UK textile companies, the study intends to develop a design toolkit and its implementation in the companies.

The toolkit developed in collaboration with designers and other industry stakeholders is an academic concept and feedbacks shows that customizable elements could enable the use of toolkit for practical applications. The practical toolkit is intended to inform and shape fashion practice. This has the potential to reduce the consumption of clothing, thus contributing to the sustainability of fashion.

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Garment life extension

Life-extension strategies for garments

Multi-functionality and modularity in textile design

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  1. The future shape of design: fashion and longevity
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