Emerging natural and plant based dyes and pigments for textile dyeing and finishing - a review

Updated : October 2020


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The article discusses some of the emerging efforts towards sustainability in the textile dyeing and finishing sector.

The use of synthetic dyes and pigments in this sector and the huge consumption of water and energy for after wash results in more harm to the environment.

With a growing interest in sustainability, many companies have started focusing on natural and plant-based dyes and pigments for use in the textile dyeing industry. Innovations are happening in the technology being used for this purpose which results in reduced water and energy consumption. This article provides inputs on the same. Prominent companies, their sustainable dyeing and chemical products, and their benefits are also discussed. Some of the novel techniques include digital printing, bacterial dyes, cotton pretreatment and more.

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Digital textile printing

Cotton pre-treatment for sustainable dyeing

Reduction of p-chloroaniline (PCA)

Bacterial fermentation vats

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