Emerging textile recycling technologies - a guide for commercial adoption

Updated : October 2020


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This paper tries to provide a logical approach to diverting existing textile waste streams through the adoption of textile recycling technologies and systems.

While some textile recycling technologies have long existed and been practiced, other demonstrated methods deemed to be feasible have not been successful at commercial adoption. Barriers to widespread implementation and established systems for recycling have been largely associated with economic viability, quality, and performance requirements.

It discusses various solutions like coordination across the supply chain, automated textile waste sorting and fiber identification, traceability systems and information/knowledge of materials and chemicals used, and much more.

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Closed-loop recycling of textiles

Nylon recovery and recycling

Cotton recovery and recycling

Recycling of fibre blends

Chemicals in textiles for recycling

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  1. Textile recycling technologies, colouring and finishing methods
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