Microbial solutions for textile wastewater treatment - a review

Updated : October 2020


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Development of sustainable wastewater treatment has become a necessity in today's fashion industry. With challenges in conventional physical and chemical methods, many industries are exploring eco-friendly biological solutions to sustainably treat and reuse the textile wastewater at reduced cost. This review article provides details on the same.

It discusses the physico chemical characteristics of various synthetic dyes and the different microbial methods employed - fungi, bacteria, algae and yeast for the treatment of the same. Emphasis is given on bacterial treatment and the different strains used for specific synthetic dyes along with their effectiveness has been discussed.

The article also provides insights on the degradation potential of single strain and bacterial consortia on aerobic and anaerobic dyes. Recent advances in bacterial bioremediation of wastewater, role of enzymes and other emerging solutions such as microbial fuel cells in sustainable textile wastewater treatment are also provided.

The study concludes that while bioremediation has proved its efficiency in sustainably treating textile wastewater, more research is needed to understand the microbiology and enzymology for their potential and environmental impacts. Further, development of advanced processes such as advanced oxidation methods combined with bacterial solutions and microbial fuel cells are expected to enhance the potential of bioremediation for sustainable textile wastewater treatment.

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Bacterial degradation of textile dyes

Bacterial consortia for textile textile wastewater treatment

Enzyme degradation of textile wastewater

Microbial fuel cells for textile wastewater treatment

Advanced oxidation process and bacterial systems for textile wastewater

Innovative microbial solutions for textile wastewater

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