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Keysight Technologies launches test solutions for EV charging, grid-edge applications

  • Keysight Technologies launched SL1200A Series Scienlab Regenerative 3-Phase AC Emulator.
  • Test needs up to 1,200 voltage alternating current (VAC), from 30 kVA to 630 kVA, without the need for a transformer. 
  • The Emulator will enhance the existing solution for testing EV and EVSE charging standards and interoperability.
  • Key features include high-power, 3-phase AC and DC power source integrated with EV/EVSE charging and inverter test solutions for a complete test of devices. 
  • DC output (Option SDC) enables a high-power DC charging test, up to 1,000 V DC and 120 kW; eliminating the need and expense for extra equipment. 
  • The company claims that it is a 100% regenerative (bidirectional) power solution with more than 85% efficiency to reduce the cost of tests with highly integrated capabilities. 
  • The 1,200 VAC allows for high voltage ride through (HVRT) testing without the need for a large, complex test setup.


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