Virtual fashion and digital couture

Virtual fashion, in which one clothes oneself in different couture digitally without having ever to make or buy a product is an interesting development. Given the craze, especially among the youth, to show themselves off in different dresses on social media and other online hubs, such a digital couture could go some way in enabling these fast fashion lovers to appear trendy without going the fast fashion way.


Digital solution providers for textiles industry

Marketing or sales professionals

Textile and fashion designers

Textile industry sustainability professionals

Vital Stats

How does it work?

Virtual fashion creates clothes that only exist in a digital space

Sustainability benefits

Virtual fashion allows consumers to avoid the waste and pollution associated with traditional fashion, while at the same time satisfying their desire for variety.


Recently, some virtual fashion items have sold for thousands of dollars - mind you, this is for clothing that does not exist physically!

Stage of commercialization

Early stage

Types of professionals who can improve the solution

Digital artists, Social media influencers, Textile designers

Specifically relevant to any geography?


Decarbonization Potential


Value Chain

Textile fabric production ,

Carbon Focus








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In the quest to enhance their digital persona, people avoid wearing the same outfits as this is seen as social media fashion faux pas. Virtual fashion proposes a solution to cut fast fashion's hefty environmental price tag.

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Virtual and digital fashion as the next frontier of sustainable fashion

Digital fashion generally refers to the visual representation of clothes made with computer technologies, particularly 3D software. With 3D printing, all the waste associated with the traditional making of clothes is avoided, smart clothes can be made and this has really advanced over the last five years.

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