Aligning KPIs of key stakeholders to corporate sustainability efforts in textile industry

Success of sustainability efforts, especially for large corporates or organizations whose business spans a long and complex value chain, can be challenging as it requires well coordinated efforts between diverse stakeholders, some of them not directly employed by the company or organization.


For many of these stakeholders, sustainability might not be their main function or role in the organization.


Given the above structure, it is imperative that these corporate or organizations are able to design performance metrics and incentive structures such that the actions of all these stakeholders are highly aligned to their overall sustainability goals.


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Aligning the diverse stakeholders within - and without - a corporate responsible for overall sustainability implementation is crucial as these projects cannot be implemented in silos.

Sustainability benefits

Incorporating sustainability KPIs in a corporation will ensure that environmental aspect are considered at every level of the organization


One way could be for the top management to create a culture where sustainability is understood to be a part of every employee’s role - essentially, sustainability becomes a key component of the corporate’s fabric.

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