In-store practices for sustainable fashion

Even in these days of all-pervasive online commerce, a dominant portion of fashion shopping happens offline, at retail outlets. These touch-and-feel points also provide an attractive opportunity to accelerate the fashion industry sustainability by using the same touch and feel the advantage to educate, create awareness, and demonstrate ways by which fashion customers can practice sustainable habits.


Marketing or sales professionals

Retailers or wholesalers

Textile industry sustainability professionals

Vital Stats

How does it work?

This refers to the utilization of retail points of sale to shape and drive sustainable behavior in textile and apparel end users

Sustainability benefits

Changing consumer behaviour could change the fast fashion culture to something far more sustainable.


While some fashion brands might consider reuse and repair of clothes as a challenge to their new product sales, perhaps they can use their retail units as points to provide repair and mending services for their products too. Is this cannibalization or leverage?

Stage of commercialization

Not applicable

Types of professionals who can improve the solution

Management consultants, Behavioural scientists

Specifically relevant to any geography?

Decarbonization Potential

Value Chain

Retail ,

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