PLA based textiles

Polylactic acid is the starting point for many versions of biodegradable plastics. PLA also has the potential to be used in textiles in place of synthetics, thus providing an avenue for eco-friendly plastics use in apparel.



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How does it work?

PLA-based fabrics are used in combination with wool and cotton for applications in casual wear, workwear and protective clothing, and to overcome current limitations of PLA fibers as a real alternative to existing fabrics.

Sustainability benefits

PLA is biodegradable, compostable and obtained from renewable resources.


PLA’s chemical structure results in better breathability, hydrophilic properties, ultraviolet resistance, low smoke production and flammability.

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Chemical engineers, Biochemical engineers

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Natural or synthetic fiber ,

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Bio-based fibers with improved properties for clothing applications

This discusses a project that aims to improve the behavior of PLA for use in clothing manufacture by developing a new bio-compound that provides the desired properties for clothing applications and is suitable for use in industrial fiber production. PLA is biodegradable, compostable and obtained from renewable resources. It is also suitable for obtaining melt-processable fibers.

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