Green chemicals for textile dyeing

A range of synthetic dyes and fixing chemicals are used in the textile dyeing process. Many of these pose significant environmental hazards. 

In addition to the search for more eco-friendly dyes, the search is also on for green and eco-friendly chemicals that can be used during the dyeing process.


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Textile chemicals professionals

Vital Stats

How does it work?

Textile dyeing and finishing in a green way can be achieved by using chemical-free dyes. These could be natural dyes made from plants, marine invertebrates (like sea urchins and starfish), algae, bacteria, and fungi.  

Sustainability benefits

Environmental sustainability - Green chemicals results in much less textile wastewater pollution


Stage of commercialization


Types of professionals who can improve the solution

Chemical engineers, Biochemical researchers

Specifically relevant to any geography?

More relevant to countries that are prominent in textile yarn and fabric production

Decarbonization Potential


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Textile yarn , Textile fabric production , Fabric dyeing and finishing ,

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Eco-textile dyeing and finishing

The toxicity of the dyes and chemicals used in textiles and inappropriate discharge of such waste has led to skin diseases and respiratory problems among many workers. This article explains textile dyeing and finishing in a green way that can be achieved by using chemical-free dyes and using kin to environmental processes.

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