Business intelligence for sustainable textiles

Business intelligence solutions have been employed in the textile and fashion industries for deriving value chain efficiencies long before sustainability became a priority. With sustainability added to the operational and strategic needs of the business, many of these BI systems are getting a makeover so that the intelligence they provide can in addition enhance the overall environmental and energy sustainability of parts or the entire value chain of the business.


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How does it work?

Business intelligence software solutions use data from across various business touch points and provide insights and intelligence derived from these to benefit the business operations and performance.

Sustainability benefits

Depending on the stages of the textile value chain where BI solutions are used, overall environmental related sustainability benefits from such solutions could range from moderate to high.


One of the avenues through which BI can significantly enhance textile/fashion sustainability is through the reduction of waste at many stages of the value chain.

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Role of business intelligence in textile sector in the era of industry 4.0

The current study is one of the first to investigate the determinants of business intelligence systems (BIS) adoption with an objective towards understanding how BIS can resolve sustainability issues in T&A companies with Industry 4.0 technologies. Details on case studies on the successful adoption of business intelligence systems are also provided.

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