Fair trade in fashion

Fairtrade as a concept is hardly new - it has been there for many decades in many business verticals.

Fairtrade has become a lot more important and relevant in the textile and apparel industries relatively recently - especially after consumers of apparel in the developed countries were exposed to the poor conditions and unethical treatment of workers who produced the labels they bought.



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How does it work?

Fair trade clothing refers to apparel produced based on ethical trade standards. The concept of fair trade has evolved over the past few decades in order to rectify some of the human-related problems that had crept into a highly market oriented approach to fashion. Fair trade lays down guidelines for apparel manufacturing that put significant emphasis on workers - their and their family’s safety, health care,discrimation, prevention of child labour etc.

Sustainability benefits

The fair trade concept in fashion has already started making a significant difference to the societal sustainability of textiles and fashion in many of the fiber cultivation and textile producing countries.


In addition to reducing the social and economic inequities, fair trade principles also lay emphasis on training and capacity building for textile industry workers in order that they are able to grow in their careers.

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Policy makers, Lawyers,Top management

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Most regions, but most relevant to developing and underdeveloped countries that produce large amounts of textiles and apparel

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Natural or synthetic fiber , Textile fabric production , Apparel or accessories ,

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