International policy makers

The textile industry is a diverse sector, which includes everything from small handloom factories to large garment plants. The domain operates in both organized and unorganized forms and is known for its close association with agriculture. This segment helps international policymakers by providing case studies that encourage responsible investment in sustainable technology in the textile value chain. It highlights global standards and certifications followed by small and large companies, sustainable practices/measures that strengthen textile production, and innovative research designs that identify salient factors and mechanisms that promote and hinder more sustainable consumer and business practice.

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The E2Expo Debate provides an interesting and.unique platform for all stakeholders to engage in productive discussion on key themes and topics in the context of textile and fashion sustainability

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Support Organizations

A number of organizations already providing exceptional support to move the various parts of the textile industry supply chain towards sustainability. Get to know about these organizations and their efforts

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Use the Library to identify valuable reference resources for standards, sustainability tools, videos of workshops and conferences, and insightful interviews on sustainability

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Get to know the critical challenges faced by the textile and fashion industry in the context.of sustainability and useful resources for tackling these

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How are the diverse cleantech and clean energy solutions being used to enhance the textile industry sustainabIlity? Get to know from this section

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Carbon Focus

This section presents different types of initiatives and measures through which the apparel industry can make meaningful progress by decarbonizing the value chain.

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