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We are witnessing a massive market transformation towards sustainability in the global economy and industry. E2Expo aspires to be a catalyst in this important process.

What happens when you have an existential threat on the one side and on the other, a combination of demanding public, highly concerned governments, aggressive investors, aspiring corporates and passionate innovators?

You are staring at a humongous market transformation

The world economy, at about $90 trillion, is undergoing a large shift - from one driven by fossil and synthetic sources to one propelled by sustainable sources, technologies and processes.

Our estimates suggest that the green portion of the global GDP in 2021 could be about 5%, about $5 trillion.

Given the ongoing green market transformation, accelerated even further by COVID-19, the portion of green in GDP could dramatically rise to become as high as 15% by 2030, or about $15 trillion. If this sounds like fantasy - an increase of $10 trillion (annual value) in 10 years - consider the World Bank estimates that we will have to invest $130 trillion in clean energy between 2020 and 2050 to keep climate change and global warming within limits - so that’s $4 trillion per year in clean energy alone.

It’s not improbable that, in 2030, one could be looking at a global economy and landscape that are quite different to those in 2020. The transition process to this new economy will be driven by significant initiatives and advances in a number of dimensions - investments, solutions, research, implementation, policies, education, behavioral changes and more.

Worldwide, hundreds of millions of business and industry professionals will be involved in this comprehensive transformation over the next few decades.

Energy Alternatives India (EAI) has been operating in the clean energy and sustainability sectors since 2009. While a large part of our work has been in management consulting and market research, we have had the fortune to also contribute to marketing, exhibitions, conferences, contests and education - dimensions that are likely to play vital supporting roles in this massive green transformation. Such diverse activities have provided our team with rich expertise and unique insights.

In 2019, when we looked at the fast growing sustainability movement, reviewed our past work and skills, we asked ourselves:

Can we play a more valuable role in this important global transformation?

After some trials and experimentations, we came up with the idea of E2Expo - an online platform that provides high-impact awareness and intelligence to business stakeholders steering the sustainability movement. We feel that such focussed intelligence will be especially valuable during the initial phase (2020-2030) of this complex transformation.

Our team is excited about building E2Expo into a catalyst for solving the most important challenge of our generation.

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